What Does a One-Page Essay Look Like: a Guide for Students

If a student receives a task to write a one-page essay, they shouldn’t start celebrating. A one-page assignment can turn out to be very difficult as this paper should contain all the components of a large essay such as an introduction, body and conclusion. It can be very hard to fit all the information into one page.

Hopefully, it’s not an entirely useless affair. You can deal with the text if you create a serious strategy. Here you will find a brief guide on writing a one-page essay.

  • Avoid using plenty of explanations.
  • Explanations can be great, but they are inappropriate in the one-page paper. Before you start writing explanations, you should look through the points attentively and think how you can explain the facts in as few sentences as possible. Giving a brief explanation of several points is always better than writing a single one. Try to choose only the most vital factors.

  • Create a plan before you start writing.
  • A plan is the first thing that should be done before writing. It becomes even more valuable when you have a limit on words. Create a plan with all important points that you are going to describe in the text. In addition, it will help you see a general outline of the work. All this is done to make you understand the logics of writing.

  • Stick to the structure.
  • A structure plays a great role in any research text. A one-page essay is not an exception. You should stick to the basic structure of the scientific text. Begin your text with an introduction and start writing each point separately. You will see the size of existing fragments and understand what points should be shortened to fit one page. 

  • Think about every word that you are using in the text.
  • Remember that every sentence and every word in the text are taken into account during writing. Think about using simple constructions. However, don’t forget that you are writing an academic paper, so you should follow some stylistic demands. Avoid using meaningless constructions.   

    Useless phrases in the text are a terrible word eater. If you have a limit of words, you should avoid using introductory phrases and material that is not relevant to the topic of the paper. Concentrate on the main idea of the text and work on it.