How To Set Up A Comparative Essay: Expert Advice

Writing any essay in itself is a daunting task; however, if you follow these expert tips, you will have no trouble setting up a comparative essay.

Tips for setting up a Comparative Piece:

  1. Do not forget what it is about - Remember that it is about comparing AND contrasting, so you must have an idea of the similarities and differences before you begin writing. Analyze the assignment carefully and ensure that you understand what it is required before you begin writing.
  2. Develop a thesis - The thesis you develop will set the stage for the body of your paper. For instance, if you are comparing sugar and honey as sweeteners, your thesis could say, while both sugar and honey are used effectively as sweeteners, sugar is more likely to be used because of its grainy quality while honey is avoided because of its thickness.
  3. Be organized (Have a structure) - Ensure that your essay isn’t jumbled. If you are comparing A and B, for instance, you will start with an introduction containing information on the topic and the thesis or you could use the delayed thesis method. Your first body paragraph could be a summary of A and your second a summary of B. Your third paragraph could then draw attention to the similarities of the two pieces while your fourth could talk about the differences between A and B. Then that would be followed by the conclusion. It is better to put the differences and similarities in different body paragraphs so that the readers do not get confused.
  4. Maintain Balance - Make sure that you do not focus on A and forget to focus on B. Spend the same amount of time talking about both of the topics that you will be comparing. Do not let one overshadow the other.
  5. Revise - Ensure that you read over your writing so that you can be sure you did not miss any important points. Make sure your points are clear and concise. Do not overcomplicate things. Keep it simple. Look out for run-on sentences and if you find them, cut them into two sentences or make them smaller by cutting some off. Make sure that your essay has answered the initial question that has been asked. Make sure that all the points make sense and that they stay on topic.

Follow these expert tips, and you will find it a lot easier to produce a wonderful and well-written comparative essay.