How To Create An Impressive Essay About Your Last Holiday

Students are often required to write essays on topics like “My last vacation” or “How I spent my summer holidays”. Although it’s not the hardest topic to write on, many learners ponder how to write an entire story about something they could answer in one sentence. Besides, how can one compose an impressive essay if nothing special happened or if the vacation was really boring? Fortunately, there are some tips on how to deal with these kinds of problems.

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Describing Your Trip

As many people prefer to spend their vacation away from home, this might be the way you spent your last holiday. Whether you enjoyed it or not, there are usually plenty of things to write about. Remember that your readers know nothing about your friends and family, so you can start with some information about people you usually go on vacation with and where you usually go. To make it easier, here are some simple questions to answer:

  • Who do you usually go on vacation with?
  • Where do you usually go?
  • Why do you like going there?
  • Where did you go this time?
  • Did you have a safe trip?
  • What was the first thing you did when you arrived there?
  • Was the weather good?
  • What did you do there?
  • How long did you stay there?
  • Are you planning to visit this place again?

How to Write about a “Boring” Vacation

If you didn’t go anywhere and if you didn’t do anything special, you can still write a decent essay about the way you spent your vacation. In fact, there are many things in our everyday life that we fail to notice and that might be interesting for others to read about. Maybe you met some interesting people or spent some quality time with your old friends and family. Maybe you found new hobbies and ways to spend your leisure. Anyway, here are some questions to help you recall something about your last holiday:

  • Do you ever go to other places on vacation? If yes, why didn’t you go anywhere this time?
  • What do you usually do on vacation?
  • What did you do this time?
  • What was the thing you enjoyed doing the most?
  • Did you develop any new hobbies?
  • Did you meet your friends? What did you do together?
  • What did you like about your vacation?
  • What did you hate about it and why?
  • How would you like to spend your next vacation?