25 Thought Provoking Expository Essay Topics for 3rd Grade Students

One important task that many students will face in their third grade career is writing an expository piece. Expository writing is the type of written piece that makes the student explain a topic in detail to the reader and give each student the basis for their educational career when they have future assignments.

When faced with this task, here are 25 thought provoking topics that you can use to complete the assignment.

  1. Tell why it is important for young children to attend school
  2. Pick something that is very valuable to you and explain why it is important
  3. Write the story behind a time you did something you did not want to do and why you chose to do it anyways
  4. Choose a person alive or fictional who is your hero and tell why other people should admire this person
  5. Tell about when a close friend made you angry and how you handled the situation
  6. Tell three ways people can be nice to other people
  7. Pick a popular movie star or famous person that you would like to meet and why
  8. Pick an important tool you find in a normal classroom and tell how both students and teachers use this tool
  9. Tell where you are in the birth order for your family and what you like or dislike about it
  10. Pick a chore you must do and tell why you don’t like it
  11. Explain your favorite after school activity
  12. Tell what you like the most about your best friend
  13. Tell what you think being a good person means
  14. Explain what you were do if you got lost and at an amusement park
  15. Tell about a family tradition that your family has
  16. Show why it is important to learn math
  17. Tell about your favorite sport and why you like it
  18. Describe why having too much candy is a bad thing
  19. Tell why you like living in your home town and what makes it special
  20. Tell what is important about helping others
  21. Describe a significant event and what you most enjoyed about the event
  22. Pick your favorite food and describe it
  23. Pick your favorite holiday and what you most enjoy
  24. Describe your best friend and why you are friends
  25. Tell about your favorite book and why you enjoy it