Creating An Impressive Opinion Essay On Global Warming In 5 Steps

An opinion essay is a piece of writing, where you give your opinion on a certain topic. It may be some controversial matter or may be some other usual thing. In this essay, you have to write about your opinion on the matter of discussion.

But to write it and present it is not at all a difficult job. To give your opinion on the matter of global warming, you should know all the important necessary information to present it in your writing. Global warming is one of the current issues on which several experts are researching and trying to spread awareness to prevent it in order to keep our Mother Earth save from the harmful radiations of the sun.

This is very interesting topic on which you have to give your opinion. But you should know the proper way to write your opinions collectively. Below are the instructions with the help of which you can make your work more impressive:

  • If you are aware of the importance of the topic, then you won’t find such difficulty to complete it. At the starting point, discuss about the global warming. What it is all about? And how does it effect on the lives of the people? And what will be the outcome if the global warming persists for more few years? These points are very important as all the answers lies in these questions. In the introduction, you just present the whole matter in a concise way.
  • Now, select a statement and defines it. Say, at first you have selected to describe the sources of global warming, describe the sources in detail and give your opinion about the matter. Talk about your viewpoint which you think to be the important source of the global warming, which you think to be the most effective source, present it clearly.
  • After the sources, talk about the effects over the Earth. After stating the effects, clarify your point of view, which you think to be the most horrifying effect among all the other effects. Present that particular effect and explain vividly. Prove you point of view with the help of the scientifically proven results. Give references to make your word more strong and powerful.
  • Lastly, write about the results or outcome of the present condition in near future. Clarify your statement and write about the expected results. Not only you have o give your opinion, but also you have to give the opinion of the scientists to make it more strong and convincing.
  • Throughout the write-up, give practical results and researches which have been done from many years to get the idea and the rate of increasing level of the global warming. If you add these practical examples then you can make your work more impressive.