The Best Informative Essay Topics: 24 Fresh Suggestions

Informative essay writing is a simple form of writing that includes writing about topic of your choice. As you write about your topic you provide detail information people should know about the topic. This may include facts, statistics and other details to provide an informative paper. A good title selection can help you write a good paper. Here are tips on choosing a topic and suggestions to encourage your own topics.

How to Choose a Good Topic

An informative essay topic is something you can write about with easy. Some consider this form of writing one of the easiest because you are providing information on a topic that is useful. It can be seen as providing a summary of something or review of a process. When choosing your essay topic think about things you are interested in and what you can write about well. You may know about different topics but have never had the chance to write about them for academic purposes. Now is your chance.

You can brainstorm ideas for your informative essay. You can use academic databases with sample papers shared by students. You can get ideas from doing a basic internet search. When you find ideas that spark your interest think about what perspective you want to write it from. Do you have good access to proper sources? Can you explain information in a manner that will be easy to follow when written? You should also have an idea of how well the topic idea fits your guidelines.

Additional Ideas for Informative Essay Topics

When you want ideas for your essay you can look around you. Think about situations people want or need information. What are subjects’ people continue to learn about on a regular basis? There are industries, people, events and more that have useful details people should know about. Here are 24 general ideas to help you start brainstorming for your own informative essay topic.

  1. Global warming.
  2. Great depression.
  3. Veganism.
  4. Computer hacking.
  5. Tattoo artistry.
  6. Stress and anxiety.
  7. Mental health and depression.
  8. Reduce or stop racism.
  9. Photography.
  10. Obesity.
  11. Sex crimes.
  12. Psychology.
  13. World War II.
  14. September 11 attacks.
  15. Organ donation.
  16. Plastic surgery.
  17. Healthcare reform.
  18. Immigration.
  19. Hybrid vehicles.
  20. Your favorite holiday.
  21. Your favorite place to travel.
  22. Healthy living.
  23. Euthanasia.
  24. Cell phones.