The 17 Best Narrative Essay Topics for High School

Students love narrative papers. They do not have to be so formal, they can be a lighter subject, and they can write about themselves if they want. There are no citations, you do not have to interview anyone, and there is no reference page. Students love these papers. Another good thing s that students will probably get to pick their own topic! Use our 17 best narrative essay topic list for high school students when you are assigned this paper.

17 Best Narrative Essay Topics for High School

  1. My hidden talent-what talents do you have that no one is aware of
  2. My first kiss-this is a special moment
  3. The day I decide I couldn’t be an astronaut-the day you knew you were an adult is pretty enlightening
  4. Why college is not for me-college is not for you, but what will you do post-high school
  5. Diving with sharks-what crazy things have you done
  6. My heroes aren’t athletes-who are they and why
  7. I don’t like chocolate and other odd things about me-what makes you a different person than the average young person
  8. I wont be a victim-who have you stood up to, why did you stand up to them, and how can you help others to keep from being a victim
  9. I could be king or queen-describe the time you used your leadership skills and the results
  10. Snake bites and other disasters-what crazy disasters have you lived through as a child
  11. I should be an alien-why and how are you like an alien
  12. If the house was on fire-what items would you grab to save and why
  13. Why I opted out-how you were brave enough to opt out of standardized testing and why you did this
  14. It’s okay if you don’t like me-acceptance of yourself is indeed beautiful
  15. The adventure in the tree house-what happened when you least expected it
  16. My crazy college visit-what strange events happened at your first college visit
  17. What I learned in kindergarten and how it will help me at college-what lessons remain true, no matter how old you are

As you get ready to write your paper, use our 17 best narrative essay topics for high school.