Tips And Tricks For Writing A Short Essay About Your School

It’s finally time to talk about what you like &/or dislike about your school. What you think should change or be improved and what should stay the same? What instructors do you think teach the best (not why you think they are awesome)? All these usually are found in a survey, but your English or Creative Writing teacher may want you to write a short essay. What should you do? What should you include? How should it look? All these questions will be answered.

  • First off remember that you are talking about your school in an academic setting. So remember not to include colorful language or slang. That’s the first thing that should automatically be remembered. Correct grammar and spelling are also very important. Especially in a short paper because it will be easy to see any errors.
  • Second, do not start pointing fingers at teachers, other students or the negative aspects about your school in a negative way. If you want to include what you think are negative aspects about your school, do so in using correct academic writing. Instead of saying ‘this school sucks’ say something like ‘this school can improve in some areas.’ See how much nicer that is?
  • Third, remember the topic of your paper. You are trying to write about your school, not about yourself (but still include your opinion if allowed). Do your best and try not to go off-topic or zig zag from one thing to another. Be through about an area you find most important; if there is anything else you would like to include, include it where it fits best.
  • Fourth, choose what aspect of your school you would like to talk about the most. Remember it is a short paper and so you cannot just go on and on about several aspects at once. You will definitely go over the word limit, and then your paper will no longer fit the criteria for a short essay.
  • Fifth, after choosing an aspect of your school, e.g. cafeteria. Include details, such as your cafeteria lunch includes. Being detailed will help the reader understand what is it you are talking about but feel like they can relate. For instance, ‘I went to play that the school sponsored and found it very enjoyable because....’ Many students will probably be able to relate if it was a mandatory assembly.
    • When it comes to writing a short essay about your school, remember academic language is important. Don't forget to write in detail about the topic you chose relating to your school. Remember not to go off-topic and be able to engage your reader into what you are talking about. Most importantly remember the word limit.