A Quick Guide To Composing A One-Page Essay About Sports

If you need to write a one-page essay about sports, it’s still not a reason to feel excessively happy. The one-page essay can appear to be a bigger challenge than a seven-page one. The point is that putting everything within one page can be much more difficult than explaining your point of view in ten paper sheets. So, you need a quick guide that will teach you to compose a good project with all the necessary elements and without breaking the demanded format.

  1. Choose a topic. Be attentive to instructions given by your supervisor. This is how you will know what’s expected from you and how exactly the paper should be organized. All the smallest details mean your winning points.
  2. Determine the most important details in your sports topic. These are the points you need to reveal in your work. You need to keep in mind that speaking about each of these points will be limited by a couple of sentences. That’s why, choose only those points, which you can explain in a few words.
  3. Compose an intro with a catchy thesis statement. Attract the readers’ attention with some interesting statistics about sports, a smart quotation, or a rare fact.
  4. Move on to the body paragraphs and make sure that they flow into each other smoothly. At the same time, each of these paragraphs should contain a complete thought.
  5. Compose your conclusions that are to match the goal of the essay stated in the introduction. If you have more information than one page can contain, revise everything and remove all the unnecessary text that has no specific importance. Still, preserve the most meaningful phrases untouched. If you cannot fit the text into one page, try to reduce the number of points that you represent in the body part. Make sure that this cutting does not reduce the value of the essay.
  6. Check the final copy of your one-page essay dedicated to sports for mistakes. Make sure that the language you have used is formal enough for your project and that you have observed all formatting rules received from your supervisor. Some students, having not enough text for one page, try to cheat, increasing the size of the type, intervals between the lines, indents and margins. Still, all these tricks are immediately discovered by experienced supervisors and severely punished. Think twice before you decide to increase the margins by at least a millimeter or use a bigger font size because they can make your project fall through.