Coming Up With Great Literature Illustration Essay Topics For College

What is an illustration essay?

    A good illustration essay is the kind of essay that uses literary imagery to illustrate the main topic or theme.

    It typically requires the use of examples in order to furnish a description of the subject matter in the minds of the readers.

    It combines varying techniques of imagery, and both short and long descriptions.

    It is usually comprised of a certain degree of passion, and romanticism towards the subject.

Some easy and helpful tips to keep in mind to write a great literature illustration essay:

Perspicuous definition of the topic

You need to have a very definite and determined idea about the topic that you want to be illustrated. Do not ramble, do not go on tangents, and do no become discursive.

A killer introduction

Just like you cannot judge a person by their personality before you actually talk to them, and thus have only the way they look and act to guide you, the introduction serves the purpose of setting the tone with which the reader will peruse the remainder of the work.

Work a blueprint

An engineer would not make a product right away, right? They would need to plan ahead, and make a strategic plan and blueprint of the course of action. Literature works are just as scientific in the approach necessary to make them great. Do not start writing from the get go, look ahead, and plan ahead.

Craft your paragraphs artfully

Your body is composed of multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph serves a certain purpose, and thus must be transitioned from one to another in a continuity and flow filled fashion. No abrupt transitions; Subtle, slight and beautiful transitions.

Conclude well

Do not end on an incomplete note, with any loose endings or abrupt implications unsupported by good reason. Recapitulate everything you have written in the body in a condensed fashion. Perhaps, ask rhetoric questions.

A few easy topics to illustrate:

      The reasons for choosing the particular subjects you chose in college.
      The miracle of joy brought about by the festive season.
      The beauty of sports as a uniting force.
      Poetry as a source of magic in life.
      Great TV show characters that taught valuable life lessons.
      Movies as a depiction of the social fabric.
      Your school, your home.
      The wonder of the swimming pool.
      The keyboard: an unsung hero.
      The life of a chocolate bar.