A Brief Introduction To The Main Kinds Of Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is an account of your personal experience and then how you may have grown as a result. There are different kinds of experiences that can be written about in a reflective essay. You can write about anything from a movie to a harrowing experience. Each one of these may have caused a change in your as a person. It depends on what you take from the things you encounter. When you are asked to create a reflective essay about something, you are forced to take an objective look at something that was emotional. Here is a brief introduction to the main kinds of reflective essays:

  1. Event- There is events that happen in our lives that force us to learn something about ourselves. For example, “running out of gas” is a simple event. It is a relatively benign occurrence but how you react to this is something you can reflect on. As a result of this event, you may have had to realize that you really don’t plan well. Another thing may be that you crack under pressure. Or, on the other hand, you may have found out how ingenious you are by the way you handled the situation. Maybe you had to fabricate a funnel to pour gas into.
  2. Book or movie- Sometimes you can read a book or watch a movie and learn something about yourself. The book may have been about a very controversial issue and you didn’t really know how you felt. You can create the article about how your viewpoint changed or materialized while you were reading or watching.
  3. Course taken during college- This is something that happens over a length of time. You may want to reflect on what you gained from a class. Maybe you decided to change your major after taking a particular course. Evaluate your performance in the course. Did you try as hard as you should have? What did you realize about your study habits and how well you do on tests? This type of reflective essay forces you to take a good, hard look at how you perform.

This was just a brief introduction into the main kinds of reflective essays. Each one forces you to look at yourself and evaluate how you performed. In your conclusion, you can restate how you changed or grew as a result of the experience. You may also go a bit further and tell how you may change or make adjustments in the future.