Three Great Suggestions On How To Start Off A Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is meant to describe someone or something. The topic is different from case to case, but most of them are extremely easy. When you write a composition like this, you need to be extremely careful what language you use. Anecdotes, analogies and synonyms need to be present in the content all the time, and you can not write a plain, boring composition. The good news is that if you do everything right, the entire process will not take more than two or three days. Start your composition in this way:

  1. Choose a place that you love to describe. It is the best way to make this a successful essay. If you write about a place that you visited yourself, you will know what expression to use. A good exercise is to close your eyes, imagine that you are in that place and describe what you see. You don’t have to write that “the building is grey” but more like “ the sun was rising, and the building had the color of the calm ocean”. Be as poetic as possible, use as many synonyms to help you describe that place and do not be afraid to use new expressions. This shows how dedicated you are to this assignment, and how much you worked to write the essay.
  2. Describe sensations. When you experiment something or you are in a special place, you feel many things. The sun on your arms, the wind in your hair, the smell of the grass. All this can bring a very interesting touch to your essay, and it will make the reader imagine that very exact place. Words have a great power and they can make anyone travel only with their mind; you just have to know how to use them.
  3. Talk about your model in life. This can be your parent, a great lawyer or a politician. It does not matter as long as you admire this person and you can describe them entirely. Start with their physical appearance, but do not be very explicit. It matters more their personality and how they communicate with others. After that, you can mention the first time you met them, and what was the first impression. Continue by talking about their best qualities, what kind of personality they have, what things they love and so on.