Composing A Strong Persuasive Five-Paragraph Essay

An essay can be one of the most effective and strongest options available for getting a point across, provided it is written correctly. It is all about how that author chooses to wield his pen to bring out an amazing piece of writing that is strong in its structure and powerful in its power of persuasion. In order to do this, there are certain tips and tricks that one must always keep in mind.

Firstly, the author of the essay must always be well aware of the format to be followed. There needs to be a clear division of structure between the introduction, the body of the essay and its conclusion.

  • The introduction is a short, yet an information-rich, paragraph that introduces the topic to the reader. Hence, the responsibility of attracting the reader’s attention lies on this very paragraph.
  • The body must always be packed to the brim with relevant information, framed in such a way so as to get the author’s point across.
  • The conclusion is the final punch. The lines contained in the conclusion basically sums up the entire composition.

Another vital factor that is a key determinant of a strong essay is the personal and practical examples. When an author pens down his thoughts, he usually connects to a particular event or incident, either in his own life or one that he is simply aware of. This is the personal touch that every good piece of writing requires. The trick is to make the reader feel that he, too, is a part of the experience.

There is no substitute for information. A perfect essay is one which contains information, relevant to the subject matter. There is very little frill involved and the reader is educated on the perspective of the author through the vast body of information. A flowery vocabulary and a dramatic sense of articulation is not exactly a requirement in this scenario. Curt, sharp language gives off a more formal and serious tone and serves as an advantage to the cause of the writer.

Writing a powerful essay is not exactly rocket science. Certain simple and general points need to be paid attention to and that is all it takes. The task of the author is to make the reader view things from his angle and see things and events from his perspective. A writer who is capable of doing that is, no doubt, a rather successful one.