Writing A Five-Paragraph Persuasive Essay About Abortion: 5 Good Prompts

Now, a persuasive essay persuades you to explore more about a topic. This obviously necessitates a breathing topic; something which is living a life currently. You may find it hard to write a persuasive essay on the 1954 Soccer World Cup.

The suitable length

Essays are best served in 5 paragraphs; anything more and they become stretched; anything short and they may not have the space to express the point in an emphatic fashion. A 5-paragraph piece offers scope for an avid Introduction and Conclusion with a meatier 3-paragraph body punctuating the two.

The different takes

Now, let’s take an example of a 5-paragraph piece on abortion. Numerous countries have taken varied view on the matter; some finding it unethical, some necessary. For some, it gives rise to vitiated tendencies while for some it saves a life even in the wake of killing an egg.

A fetching topic

Abortion is actually quite a fetching topic to write a 5-para essay on. You will hardly be at a loss of words or ideas while expressing yourself. For furtherance, you may delve into credible sources, newspaper articles and extant laws.

Safeguarding from confusion

While writing a persuasive essay on any topic, you may find yourself befuddled as to how to start. You itch to begin with probing lines so that readers automatically feel forward to go through the whole piece. This is where writing prompt comes handy.

Facility of prompts

Writing prompts open up the cul-de-sacs. They expand your horizon as a writer by actually hitting the first oar on the sea. Your canoe sets forth on the might of that one whish. Herein are 5 prompts which may help in triggering the abortion essay –

  1. How can you kill a kid in his embryonic stage; break a human egg before it is hatched. The very idea reeks of a repugnant sentiment.
  2. The varied laws in different countries on abortion have played its part in confusing the pot and mitigating the sensitivity of the issue.
  3. Abortion cannot be a bad idea if it actually helps a teenager come out of the trauma of a mistake she committed on a rainy night.
  4. The idea of abortion has concretized the plinth of sex; it has assured teenagers of a surefire way to enjoy sex without suffering the pangs of procreation.
  5. While the Church and Catholics have always been against abortion, the new wave favors it to such an extent that it is largely being legalized in many countries.