Useful Tips For Writing An Essay About Facebook Friendship

Believe it or not Facebook isn’t just a hugely successful method of networking with people around the world – it’s also the subject of much debate. It’s no wonder that more instructors in a number of disciplines are requiring their students to join in the discussion. Here are some useful tips for writing an essay about Facebook friendship:

Brainstorm some precise topic ideas

Because the social networking site has taken the world by since its inception over a decade ago, there are a lot of topics out there worth exploring. When you are writing on the subject of friendship you should first look for what others are saying and brainstorm a few precise ideas to focus on.

Do a large amount of research

As soon as you’ve settled on a topic you should do a large amount of research. Start by looking up some background information – usually stuff you can find by doing simple online searches. Then start some in-depth research using academic resources. These can usually be found at your local public or school library.

Create an outline of your paper

Before you start writing your first draft you should create an outline containing terms, phrases, or sentences indicating your main points of discussion. Beneath each point you should include any supporting evidence or examples you intend to use to prove your argument.

Start writing the first essay draft

Keep your outline next to you as you write the first draft of your assignment. You can easily refer to it to help keep you on the right track should you find yourself distracted or getting off track. Try to write your first draft as quickly and efficiently as possible, since this is the most effective way of getting all of your ideas down in one place.

Revise the content of your paper

Set your essay aside for a few days before you start the process of revising. This lets you approach your work with a more critical and unbiased eye. Look for any way in which to improve your work. This could be anything from adding material, removing material or rearranging material.

Edit and proofread your work

The last step consists of two exercises – editing and proofreading. Do these at multiple levels – the paper level, the paragraph level and the sentence level. Be sure you use clear and direct English, rather than complicated language that might confuse the reader. When proofreading search for any mistakes you may have made in grammar, spelling or punctuation.