Beginner's Guide To Essay Editing: A Few Tricks You Didn't Know

One aspect of paper writing is the editing process. A lot of students decide to skip this process because it is so time consuming and they do not see the benefit of it. Even the best writers will make mistakes when they are writing. It may come really natural to them and they write without much thought. They assume that their work is free of errors because their word processor hasn’t shown them a spelling or grammatical error. The problem with this mentality is that their word processor is not designed to catch a lot of the mistakes that they may have made.

Therefore, to make sure that you don’t make the mistake of skipping out on this crucial step, here is a beginner’s guide to essay editing that will show you a few tricks that you didn’t know.

  1. Utilize any free software editing programs
  2. There are a few great programs that will automatically edit your paper for you. It will pick up on many of the errors that your word processor missed. If you have a writing lab at your school, they may have access to this program to help with the editing process.

  3. Read it out loud
  4. Reading your essay out loud will help you catch a lot of the mistakes that you may have missed when reading it inside your head. When you read out loud, you usually read a lot slower than when you read inside your head. This will allow you to catch mistakes that you may have missed before. Also, when you read out loud, you will be able to catch subject-verb agreements that you probably missed. You can also catch mistakes where what you meant to say didn’t come out exactly like you wanted it to. It will catch those times where you thought that you made sense but didn’t.

  5. Print it to edit
  6. You will find it a lot quicker and easier to edit your work when it is in the print form. Trying to edit on a computer screen will make you miss more errors. You will notice more errors when you are reading it from a printed form. And when you are searching for where in the text to apply your changes, you are likely to find a few more.

These are three easy tricks that you can use to successfully edit your essay.