A List Of 15 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For 8th Graders

The purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to allow a student to fully explore the features of a particular example and find ways of relating it to another similar or vastly different specimen. This can be quite thought provoking to the students and the choice of topics can make it easy or hard for a student to successfully accomplish the task. Here are 15 topic examples of compare and contrast essay topics for 8th graders:

  1. Explore the ways in which the form of locomotion employed by aquatic creatures display similar features to land based flying and walking creatures.
  2. Some animals contain internal skeletal structure while others use their skeleton as a form of protection, wearing it like armor. Discuss the benefits that both forms of skeletal structure provide to each animal.
  3. Snails and turtles are not very similar in their physical features but they do share the trait of being relatively slow. Give comparison between the two that explains how slowness helps them both to survive.
  4. Wolves and dogs are said to belong to the same family. Outline the difference between these two animals.
  5. Animals consume other living organisms for survival while plants simply create their energy from inorganic matter. Outline the similarities between plants and animals.
  6. What are the major differences in lifestyles of inhabitants of a city and inhabitants of a farm in the countryside.
  7. How is gambling as a source of income similar to someone working a regular job with a regular salary.
  8. Homosexuality is more wildly accepted in today’s society. How has relationships between heterosexuals and homosexuals changed compared to 20 years ago?
  9. Show how the study habits of females students in present school programs are different to that of the males enrolled at the same institutions.
  10. Show the differences between homeschooling and public education systems that can account for the different skill sets that results in students in each case.
  11. Show how insects are different from arachnids discussing more than just the number of legs that each genus possesses.
  12. Compare the differences between our present society and a hypothetical one in which the concept of money or currency did not exist.
  13. Show the features that both humans and chimpanzees share that could indicate similar ancestry.
  14. Aside from appearance, outline similarities between the common house cat and a lion.
  15. Compare the uses of a pen versus that of a pencil and show how each form of writing tool has a specific purpose.