How To Develop A Good Thesis Statement For An Essay About Bullying

It is often tough for students to create winning essays because they lack enough interest or time. Even if a student is passionate about what he is writing but lacks the necessary writing skills or insight to the assignment, he will eventually fail to create a winning impression. If you wish to create strong essays, you must:

  • Be familiar with the structure and formatting for these papers. This is easy because the structure will always stay the same
  • Have a good idea of the subject you are going to address-which is bullying in this case
  • Be clear about what you are trying to achieve through your paper
  • Have a complete understanding of the target audience for this particular assignment
  • Follow the requirements and instructions by your teachers

A thesis statement is an important part of your essay because this is where you show the purpose of the paper to the readers. This statement in fact is the answer to the question “what are you trying to achieve through your paper”. It means that you will describe the extract of your paper in a sentence or two in form of your thesis statement. You need to keep several important things in your mind if you wish to create a strong thesis statement for an essay on bullying

  1. Keep it precise
  2. First thing you should keep in mind is that this should not be longer than two sentences or so. You do not have an entire paragraph to explain the purpose of your work so use your words carefully. This does not however, mean that you miss out an important detail. You have to make sure that you clearly define the purpose of your paper in these two sentences

  3. Make sure it is arguable
  4. If your statement is a general statement of fact or common knowledge then there is no use of writing it. It should be something that a number of people can disagree to

  5. Have a main theme
  6. Your statement should have one major focus and convey a proper theme

  7. Make it unique
  8. Do not talk about obsolete ideas and try to come up with something interesting and unique as the core of your essay

  9. Have clear sentence structure
  10. The last thing you want is grammatical errors, typos and spelling mistakes in your thesis statement.