How To Compose A Unique College Essay: Advice For Beginners

Obviously, your college essay matters the most primarily because this significantly aids reveal something essential about you - your personality- which your examination scores or grades can’t. Not to mention, this can provide admission officers a sense of who you actually are and it also serves as one great opportunity for you to showcase your outstanding skills in writing.

Here are some tips on how to compose a unique college essay especially for beginners:

  • Start by brainstorming. The starting stage is always the most difficult stage. Conceptualizing about your personality traits as well as pointing out your strengths is a great starting point.
  • Allow your initial draft to flow. After collecting all the necessary quotes, come up with a format to arrange your paper and then decide where you prefer your examples to appear. This is the time when you’re already prepared to compose your initial draft. Let your thoughts and ideas flow. Do not worry about making mistakes. These can be fixed later.
  • Make sure to develop the three parts of essay. First, your introduction which introduces what your paper is about, the second one is the body of the paper wherein this comprise of several paragraphs that expound the primary concept with examples and the last one is the conclusion which recaps and ends the written discourse.
  • Be specific. The focus of the paper must be determining how the question links to your personal traits and then from there you need to take a specific angle. See to it that all the things you write clearly back up your perspective.
  • Look for a creative angle.
  • Always be honest. Take note that the essay question may ask you regarding your best trait, a particular experience that molded you or the reason why you prefer to go to a certain school. Be reminded not to be tempted about composing what you think and feel admission officers wish to hear. Just answer the questions truthfully.
  • Obtain feedback. Consider showing your draft to your teachers, family members of buddies. Ask them if your paper makes sense and if it reveals about the real you. Make some changes if necessary but make sure to keep your voice.
  • Always proofread your work and make corrections. Carefully go over your draft in order to check for spelling, grammar and typo errors. Ask someone to read your work so they could give you some recommendations. This is effective as sometimes other people can see some mistakes which you unintentionally overlooked.