Expert Help On Picking An Exploratory Essay Topic: 20 Great Ideas

An exploratory essay is similar to an argumentative essay; however, rather than trying to persuade the reader of a particular point of view, you merely outline various arguments without necessarily developing a set conclusion.

Picking a topic that can be covered from multiple angles

If you need to pick a good topic for your exploratory essay then it is a good idea to think of an area that can be looked at from multiple different angles. This will help you to produce various different arguments relating to the question that you have asked. Even if the question could be answered with a simple yes or no, you want to produce various ways of looking at the topic that back up any possible conclusions that could be arrived at.

The following provides a list of ideas that you could potentially argue for or against, using different approaches for each topic.

  1. What should the EU do to protect the Eurozone countries in the event that individual countries drop the Euro?
  2. How would legalising marijuana across the United States impact on the drugs wars in Mexico?
  3. Should airlines do more to address the environmental damage caused by air travel?
  4. How can the governing bodies of different sports do more to prevent athletes from taking performance enhancing drugs?
  5. Should all health care be provided for free?
  6. How can governments help to prevent the obesity epidemic from worsening?
  7. Should Western countries accept clothing products produced in sweatshops?
  8. Which sex is most to blame in the event of divorce?
  9. Living together prior to marriage helps to prevent divorce
  10. How relevant is religion when it comes to modern marriages?
  11. Should women have more rights in the workplace during and shortly after pregnancy, so as to help enable them to build and maintain careers?
  12. What dieting techniques should be used to ensure successful, long-lasting benefits?
  13. Learning languages has a positive effect on other educational targets
  14. Should children be taught how to cook healthily in schools?
  15. What financial implications can occur as a result of divorce?
  16. Are people marrying too young?
  17. What impact does religion have on inter-faith marriages?
  18. Should children have religion forced upon them?
  19. How has the role of the family changed over the past five decades?
  20. Children suffer from negative consequences as a result of divorce