The Structure Of Cause And Effect Essay: Basic Tutorial

During the years, you were required to write many essays on different topics. This did not make you more professional or more interested in writing; it just made you understand what you have to do to finish them faster. If it’s the first time you write a cause and effect essay, don’t worry. It is as simple as any other composition as long as you follow the requirements. Here is a basic tutorial that will help you complete your assignment:

  • Start with an outline! Of course, this only after you chose your topic and main ideas. If you have an outline it’s easy to organize the information and to include all important ideas. Also, it will allow the reader to find any information quickly, so your composition will be appealing for anyone. Build a few chapters, depending on how long you want your text to be, and choose a suitable title for each one. Once this is done, move on to the next step.
  • Write down the main cause. Obviously, in this kind of text you have to discuss about what makes something happen, and what are the consequences of this. To start in a good manner, you have to write in your text the primary cause; if you want, you can add more details but this is not always necessary.
  • Think about contributing factors. If you write about a very simple issue, including some contributing factors next to the cause will make your composition seem more professional and full. Of course, you don’t have to invent things just to fill your paper; your professor will easily detect this.
  • Move on to the effects. This is usually where things get a little bit more complicated. However, you have the freedom to choose how complex you want your composition to be. For example, you can discuss about primary and secondary effects, consequences on short and long term and so on. If you are hoping to get the maximum grade, develop this part as much as you can.
  • Write a smart conclusion. The conclusion is obligatory no matter what kind of composition you write. It has to be formed based on the ideas that you exposed in the body of the text. Usually, it should not be longer than one paragraph, but the requirements can be different in your case. Just ask your professor to be sure.