How To Write A Visual Analysis Essay In An Hour: 4 Best Strategies

Art has shaped the world by trying to make products and businesses appealing. One of the major requirements in college that have to deal with art is creating a visual analysis essay. Explaining a piece of work has several elements a critic should consider. Below are the best strategies on how to write one.

  1. Memorize the Detail
  2. Whenever you are asked to make a visual essay, you will most likely be brought to a museum to see various types of artworks. Whether you have to choose one or you are required to observe a certain piece, you should follow these steps:

    • Look at every corner of the painting, image, or sculpture.
    • Note its colors and shapes.
    • See what kind of texture is created
    • Observe how the artist used space.
    • Write down all your observations. You may take a picture of it for further reference.
  3. Compare Observations with Research
  4. After writing your initial observations or insights on the piece of artwork you are studying, you should do research about the formal elements. Start with the artist himself. Information about his life may have an implication on the artwork’s inspiration. It also indicates the period of history it was created and the prominent art styles of this time.

  5. Make a Strong Argument and Organized Supporting Details
  6. Create an argument based on your findings. You should aim to evaluate the work based on its elements, style, and materials. Organize your supporting details by describing the work in such a way a reader can understand how the art piece looks like without seeing a picture of it. You ay describe it from top to bottom or left to right.

  7. Incorporate Vocabulary Words
  8. Use the terms you have learned in class when describing the artwork or making an argument about it. This will show how well you understand your classes and will further make a good impression with your professor. You can do this by identifying its style, techniques, movement, etc.

Writing a visual essay can be a genuine learning experience. Studying art means you will be studying history and culture as well. These insights will be useful for your business and career in the near future. You will be able to show off your paper to friends and family with these four strategies in mind. These strategies will undoubtedly make explaining an art piece simple.