How To Write An Essay To Win A Scholarship: 10 Quick Tips

Writing for a scholarship is something that nearly every student does at some point during their education, because who doesn’t like free money for school? If you are trying to win a scholarship, you need to write the best possible paper that you can. Most of these contests have specific rules, so make sure you follow them exactly, and if you are not sure about one of the rules, ask or contact the institution about it. It’s worth the work to give them what they are looking for and improve your chances.

Format for scholarship essays

Many of these scholarship contests use similar formats for the work assigned, but if anything here contradicts the rules of your specific contest, then defer to their rules first. These are the basic guidelines that most essays will use.

  • Two or three pages long
  • Double spacing
  • Easy to read font, like Times New Roman
  • Font at 12 pt
  • Margins set at 1” all around the page

Writing something like this will take time to make it good and easy to read. It’s often suggested that you make an outline and schedule your time to have everything in place ahead of time. The deadlines for this kind of work are very particular, so you do not want to be late when completing anything. Think about what other things you have to do, along with times you have classes, family activities, sports and other commitments, so that you can plan the writing of this paper around those.

Editing your scholarship writing

After you have finished the work, make sure you run the spell check in your word processor, and have a friend read it over before you send it into the contest. You will be way more likely to win the money for school if you have proofread your writing and made sure that it is error free. Apart from spelling and grammar, it is also useful to have a friend read it and comment on whether it is interesting or enjoyable to read. Good writing is more than just avoiding mistakes, but it involves engaging prose, the right word choice, and cohesive sentence structure.

Because editing is this important, you should make sure you have enough time before the deadline to do it. Scheduling that into your work time will make a huge difference.