Essay Writing Strategies Used By Real Professionals

Although writing may be unfamiliar for many students, it is actually a profession for a select group of individuals. For professional writers, creating an essay or researching a white paper is just another day at work.

Take Notes While Researching

Writers will never just make up research information and statistics. Since they have to get each project done quickly, writers will make sure that they conserve as much time as possible. Rather than flip through pages and pages to find a lost quote, a professional writer will write it down at the time that they originally see it. This saves the writer a lot of trouble and ensures that they correctly cite all of their sources.

Sit Down and Write

Hobbyists and students have time for writer's block. Real writers cannot afford to delay all of their work. For most writers, the work day starts and ends at a set time. In between, the writer will take breaks on the hour until a longer break for lunch. By just sitting down and writing, professionals get a lot more done per hour than a student does. Learning how to avoid procrastination and focus on the assignment will help the student to speed up the time that it takes them to work on any project.

Make an Outline

To a beginner, an outline seems like it takes unnecessary amounts of time. In reality, an outline is one of the best time saving devices that a writer can use. An outline helps the writer to simplify the assignment that they are working on. It allows the writer to clearly see the argument. If the argument has flawed logic, the writer can change it much easier in an outline than they can in a finished paper. While making the outline, the writer will jot down pieces of research or supporting ideas underneath each paragraph. By doing this, the writer is able to save even more time.

Real Writers Know Their Limitations

When it is time to grade papers, it is easy to see which students just turned in their first draft. For some reason, students always seem to think that they are much better at writing than they really are. First drafts should never be turned in as the completed assignment. Real writers know this and will make sure that they edit this before they turn it in. In addition, a professional writer will always make sure that a professional editor reads through their work. Although the writer is great at their job, they still need another pair of eyes to carefully edit what they have written.

Take Some Time Off

No one is able to edit their own work very well. Normally, the human mind will see transform the writing so that the writer sees what they wanted to write instead of what they did write. Due to this, individuals should set aside their writing for several days or weeks before they come back to it. Once the student starts editing their paper again, they will be able to see more of their mistakes and create a better edited document.

Follow All of the Directions

If a professional writer refuses to follow the directions, they will end up getting fired from their job. Although students do not get fired from English class, forgetting directions can result in a lower grade. Rather than receive a poorer grade for the class, students should buy essays and make sure that they carefully read through the writing prompt.